JEE Advanced‬ 2016 All India Toppers Interview & Success Story

JEE Advanced results has been announced on 12th June 2016 & again Kota Coachings proved their strength in the field of IIT exam. From ALLEN coaching institute three students got first three places Top 1, Top 2 & Top3 are from here. AIR 1 : Aman Bansal, AIR 2 : Bhavesh Dhingra, AIR 3 : Kunal Goyal. Here we are introducing you with these IIT superstars who made us proud.

JEE Advanced‬ 2016 All India Topper (AIR-1) Aman Bansal Interview

All India Topper (AIR-1) Aman Bansal

Aman Bansal
Air 1, Score 320/372
Father – Mr. Mukesh Bansal, Ex. En., PHED, Jaipur
Mother- Mrs. Anju Bansal
Institute- ALLEN Career Institute

Aman became the All India Topper of JEE Advanced 2016 at the young age of 17. Coincidently he scored 320 even in JEE Main. He dreamt of getting admission into IIT after his 10th as he had interest in science field. He never focused on achieving a rank but rather just on studying naturally and took classroom coaching at ALLEN’s Jaipur center for 2 years. In 12th boards, he got 98 & marks with 100 in mathematics and 99% marks in chemistry. According to Aman, his confidence reached new heights after appearing in 20 tests at ALLEN. He stated that his teachers motivated him after every test. He improved in performance continuously by practicing through modules and class notes. Apart from his regular studies he is also interested in indoor games. He even performed well in International Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy Olympiads and accredited his success to ALLEN. He got success in JEE in the very first attempt and now aspires to complete his B.Tech. in Computer Science branch from IIT Bombay.  Focus on never repeating your mistakes in any subject and focus on hard work. Success will follow.

JEE Advanced‬ 2016 All India Topper (AIR-2) Bhavesh Dhingra Interview

Bhavesh Dhingra AIR 2 IIT 2016
All India Topper (AIR-2) Bhavesh Dhingra

Bhavesh Dhingra
AIR-2, Score- 312/372
Father- Mr Indrajeet Dhingra, Ex BankManager, Yamunanagar
Mother- Mrs Savita, House Wife
Institute- ALLEN Career Institute
Bhavesh, who has been the topper in IIT Roorkee Zone, took 2 year classroom coaching at ALLEN and focused on clearing his concepts of all 3 subjects. This worked as his strength even in the JEE Advanced exam. With 92.4% in 12th boards, he scored 285 marks in JEE Main. He even performed well in International Olympiad, and won the prestigious NTSE and KVPY scholarships. In his free time he likes playing Table Tennis, Badminton or listening to music. He stated that while giving tests, if the focus is laid more on understanding the concept rather than taking pressure of solving the question, the application of the concept becomes easier. One should study with a motive to learn. For effective time management during the JEE Advanced paper, he solved Chemistry first, followed by Physics and then mathematics.
Strength- I mastered the art of time management due to regular tests at ALLEN. If your concepts are clear, you can easily solve the questions.

JEE Advanced‬ 2016 All India Topper (AIR-3) Kunal Goyal Interview

AIR-3-JEE-ADVANCED-2016 Kunal-Goyal
All India Topper (AIR-3) Kunal Goyal

Kunal Goyal
AIR 3, Score 310/372
Father- Mr SK Goyal, Engineer, Irrigation Department
Mother- Mrs Manju Goyal, House Wife
Institute- ALLEN Career Institute
To err is human. While my 2 year classroom coaching at ALLEN, I focused on rectifying my silly mistakes and improved a lot. With this formula, I scored 290 marks in JEE Main and improved further in JEE Advanced and acquired a score of 310. I like studying and hence my only focus was on lessening my mistakes. Regular practice through tests at ALLEN, worked as a strength for me. Due to the national competition I experienced at ALLEN, I could successfully bag NTSE and KVPY fellowships, followed by qualifying in the second rounds of in International Physics and Chemistry Olympiads. To take out time for relaxation after studies, I play mobile games. Now I aspire to complete my B.Tech. in computer science from IIT Bombay.
Strength- Learned to improve silly mistakes and clearing my concepts because of which I found the questions easier.


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